Uddrag af cd indspilninger.

 Johnny B Good - Rock Dance Medley
 The Night Time Is the Right Time -
tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
 Let´s Work Together
 Burning Love
 Six Days On The Road -
tribute to Delta Cross Ba

Producer - lyd & mix by  Ulf Taube & Peter Axl.  pre-fade studio. 2610 Rødovre
  6 0´e r  7 0´e r  R o c k   L i v e  &  O p e n  A i r  K o n c e r t .

Cadillac Rock Medley
♫ Great Balls Of Fire
♫ Stuck On You
 Green River

 The Night Time Is the Right Time
 Six Days On The Road
  Let´s Work Together